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How can I tighten loose legs? (GoSun Sport)


Fixing Loose Legs on GoSun Sport:

NOTE: This method applies to all GoSun Sports sold since late 2015.  Earlier models should click here. 

Due to improper adhesion of some thread locking glue, your GoSun Sport legs can become weakened over time, causing the unit to flop over when leaned.  The following steps will enable you to re-apply thread locking glue to properly fasten the leg tensioning bolt in a permanent location.

Step 1: Place Sport on table upside down.  It is best to place a towel or foam underneath to provide cushion and prevent sliding. 


The following steps apply to both sides (both bolts) of the bracket at the same time.


Step2:  Using a 4mm Allen Wrench, loosen the main bolt which holds the tension on the legs.  Bolt will require many turns to expose threads required for gluing.  It is not necessary to remove the bolt from threads entirely.

Step 3:  Once bolt is backed away from bracket about one inch (or 2.5cm), legs and spacer washer need to be pushed away from bracket for application of LockTite Thread Locker (Red Permanent #262).


Step 4:  Apply a generous drop or two of LockTite on about five threads or 1/4 inch (6mm).


Step 5: Tighten both leg bolts back into place.           Significant “hand tight” torque must be applied.


Step 6: Close legs, checking tension


Step 7: Make final tension adjustment on bolt.  Tension should be solid through leg’s entire range of motion - too much tension is better than not enough (although you can go too far and bend legs)

Step 8: Leave in place, allow glue 24 hours to set and dry. 

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