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How do I install a replacement tube? (GoSun Sport)

After receiving a replacement tube, please perform the following steps. Please note that none of these materials are toxic, however, we do recommend wearing safety protections while cleaning up the glass (at least protective gloves and eye protection). You will also need a small screwdriver and a vacuum/broom (a shop vacuum seems to work best if you have access to it) and a light brush if possible.
1) Choose an appropriate location (garage, anywhere with a concrete or hard floor) to remove the stove from the box, as there will probably be shards that spill out. You may also want to use a plastic or cardboard sheet placed strategically in your cleaning area.
2) Carefully open the box as you investigate the situation.
3) Pour out the glass shards from between the reflectors and within the box into a puncture-proof container.
4) With a light brush or vacuum, brush off the GoSun unit and box. Remember to avoid scratching the reflectors as you clear out the broken glass.
5) Turn the device to vertical mode.
6) Remove the tube from the body of the stove (don't forget your hand protection). This involves the removal of one screw (the larger one) and the loosening of the set screw - it does not need to be removed (the smaller screw) positioned on the underside of the bracket. The slider remnant should come loose for removal. For more information on this process see the Users Manual.
7) Check the ends to ensure the new extrusion is captured on both sides
8) Replace tube in reverse order as stated above.
9) Enjoy!
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