How to check temperature or know when food is done?

It’s easy, you just pull the tray out a few inches and look. We are developing a thermometer accessory to display the oven’s internal temperature... more on the thermometer accessory as it develops! If you are interested, please post a comment below to speed up our developments.

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    Anaya Meszoros

    I currently use a thermometer with an internal probe,wire to the thermometer outside. Bought it at Walmart. I set my temp and it beeps when it reaches that temp. A similar devise might work on this one.

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    Peter Goodman

    infra red no touch thermometers are now pretty cheap on eBay. Just open, point and press.

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    Tom Duncan
    E-Bay, sounds good. Thanks! Tom.
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    Glen Gleaves

    Although infrared thermometers are helpful, when checking steaming foods the temp they're usually reading is usually the rapidly cooling vapor temperature floating above the cooking food. I use my infrared therm to check the empty inside tube temp before cleaning it to avoid thermal shock. I don't think there's a good substitute for a contact thermometer. The Walmart unit- is the probe or cable small enough to safely fit through the steam vent?

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