Does it store heat or can it be used at night?

No, there’s not much stored heat. It’s a solar oven, not a moon oven!

Any ideas on ways we could build this functionality into our existing product? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Bob Riley

    Add a phase change salt like Sodium Acetate to keep the heat. Recharge the salt in the oven for use later.

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    Will Ralphs

    Bob's idea seems pretty solid to me... you could add the phase changing salt as the inner-most layer of insulation, then use any number of means to activate it when they want it. (You could have the grill slid in on one track for sun heating, and another track to trigger a bunch of agitators for the salt.. have users agitate a few times with the grill before they put it in to cook)

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