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How can I boil water with the GoSun Sport?



  • Francis Oladunmoye

    Thanks. I Obtained a temperature of 200 degrees Fareinheight in the CooKit solar cooker pattern. This temperature is not enough to cook neither beans nor yams, which are popular dishes in Nigeria. The Water has to reach the boiling point before the two items can be cooked. This is from personal experience. Is there a way of accelerating the temperature of the Cooker to reach boiling point?

  • Bruno Tonnelier

    Hello. Can't find the brew anywhere on the site. Is it available as of today (3.27.15) ?

  • sven braunsdorf

    Still no item available in the shop. Could you please give further information?

  • joy greenlees

    Joy Greenlees

    How much liquid can you put in safely, to accompany the food you cook, i.e. stews , rice, marinades with the meats, and the water that accompanies the oils you cook vegetables in?

  • Ivan Velev

    How come this knowledge-base article says "DO NOT POUR LIQUID" ? But this current article says "GoSun is capable of boiling water but we recommend not to"? Why the difference in tone? What are the risks of heating up water/boiling water? Thank you


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