Dimensions & Capacity of Each Model

  GoSun Sport GoSun Mini
Dry Weight 3.5 lb (1.6 kg) 1.5 lb (0.7 kg)
Oven Volume 3.0 lb (1.4 kg) 9.5oz (0.3L) of food

2.8" (7.6 cm) outside diam.

2.3" (5.8 cm) inside diam.

24" (61 cm) length

1.75”(4.5cm) outside diam.

1.25”(3.2cm) inside diam.

11.5” (30cm) length

Open Size

24” (61cm) long

16” (41cm) tall

12” (30cm) wide

12.5”(32cm) long

6”(15cm) tall

8”(20cm) wide

Closed Size

24” (61cm) long

8” (20cm) tall

5” (13cm) wide

N/A, GoSun Mini does not fold up
Est. Power Output 230 Watts (full sunlight) 230 Watts (full sunlight)
Max. Temperature 700°F (371°C) 700°F (371°C)
Working Temp. 200°F (93°C) – 550°F (288°C) 200°F (93°C) – 550°F (288°C)
Cooking Time

As fast as 10 minutes

(see graph below for more info)

As fast as 10 minutes

(see graph below for more info)

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    I remember watching a video by GoSun that said "do not preheat the oven" the video goes on to explain that it could cause thermal shock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7WnxbH5XuQ

    The information between that video and this chart based on "*times calculated after preheating" seems a bit contradicting. I understand that thermal shock would be a greater risk to the stove if you put frozen foods into a preheated stove. So, is it safe to preheat the stove or not? If it is ok, I recommend remaking that video.

    P.S. May not hurt to remake it without someone holding an unlit cigarette for no apparent reason. I have worked in a couple kitchens before. From my experiences; smoking tobacco and cooking seem to be bad marketing and public relations. It would seem especially so for a fuel free stove.

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    Glen Gleaves

    Judging from 5 otherwise delightful days of intense cooking, so far, in our Montana summer sun, I find these cooking times to be a bit optimistic. Cooking a meal in 10 minutes? Perhaps warming room-temperature hot dogs in 10 minutes with an already hot tube. In this short time, however, I've produced, much to my wife's and my delight: 2 cakes, nicely-browned corn bread, beautiful dinner rolls, root veggies, broccoli au gratin, a gorgeous Denver omelet, salmon, chicken and beef. It has, however, taken (nearly full) time to do so. Pre-heating might have been helpful, but, apparently, isn't safe for the tube with no load. Best Father's Day gift I ever got to pick out myself!

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