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Can I cook with GoSun during the Winter?


Yes, GoSun can cook in the winter as long as it's sunny. In fact, the GoSun can even cook on a sunny day in the arctic! The sun is powerful enough to create heat within the GoSun tube, and the tube is designed to keep the heat in and the arctic cold out.

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    Hans Miniar Jónsson

    Since I live in Iceland, where the sunlight doesn't get intense enough to provide you with the recommended daily amount of vitamin D during winter, 'specially those days where 2 hours is all you get, I wondered if it'd work up here much at all, but this answers that question, now I just want to try cooking with the midnight sun. ;)

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    If you can get some mirrors, each mirror will add a sun. Also the larger the reflector the more sun you concentrate. I have no idea how much energy can be reflected through the inner layer, perhaps the Gosun technical boffins can help here. Should work though...