Can I use GoSun on a cloudy day?

No, not really. The one requirement for cooking with the sun is (yep, you guessed it) SUNLIGHT! If the sun is sitting behind clouds all day long, you won't have much opportunity to cook with GoSun. You might be able to heat up some leftover soup, but that's about it.

However, if theres occasional cloud cover on a mostly sunny day - you should be good to go. If while cooking a cloud or two pass over, the GoSun will remain hot during times of quick cloud coverage, and the food contents will continue to cook. Because the cooking tube acts as a great insulator, a few occasional clouds (on an otherwise sunny day) will not interrupt your overall cooking experience.

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    Francis Oladunmoye

    Thanks for the Introductin of GoSun Cooker. Please let me know the minimum and maximum temperature attained by the Cooker on both cloudy and sunny days.
    Is it possible to send the blue print of the Cooker for production and marketing in Nigeria as the cost of transportation will make the product too exorbitant for common man to purchase? Thanks for your cooperation.

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    Tiffany Svensson

    Does the sky have to be crystal clear blue or will the stove work on a high cloud cover but bright day (not cloudy just very pale blue or white sky?

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    Peter Harten

    As a rule of thumb, if you can see a relatively defined shadow of your hand, you can cook regardless of the cloud cover, just be prepared to wait up to twice as long as normal. Hope that clarifies!

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