How to Assemble the Cooking Tray

After receiving the GoSun Sport cooking tray, set it up for success:
1) Remove tray from bubble wrap
2) Unscrew cleaning scrubby and set aside
3) Unscrew handle and install onto the same end
4) REMOVE warning label before use
5) If necessary, use rubbing alcohol to remove any adhesive left 
on the tray from the warning label
6) Ensure that the silicone seals are oriented as pictured above, with
the steam vent facing upward
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    Glen Gleaves

    I bought the Sport Pro with teo cooking trays. One of my silicone seals is a two-step, single piece seal, while the other is two separate, different diameter discs that can rotate independently. It's difficult to keep the two-piece seal's steam vents aligned, but easier to jam the tray into the tube. Even so, the two-piece seal often pops out, cooling the cooking chamber when I'm lnot ooking. Is one an older design?

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